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Sex Appeal


Via Francesco Sforza, 52 Ė 56028 San Miniato (Pisa) - Tel. +39 347 6390694

My name is Lucia, I live in Tuscany and my first persian cat came back in 1989.

Some years later I decided to take part in some feline shows  with a  silver tabby kitten female called Sex Appeal and then, when I registered  my affix in Fife, that cat gave her name to my cattery.

From that moment I have always raised and had cats.

I love so much cats.... 

Cats love freedom but they have also a great sense of fidelity and boldness

I would like to thanks to:

my sons, Sara and Francesco because they didnít hinder my passion for cats

my Tuscan  friends and breeders for our funny dinners and our chats about cats

the breeders who  have had confidence giving me  their cats

Finally, not because  they are  of a little importance, people  I gave my cats